Assignment 3

The Functor is the most fundamental typeclass in the standard libraries. Intuitively, a Functor can be viewed as a sort of “container,” coupled with an ability to apply a function to every element in the container.

It is defined as follows, where the fmap function generalizes the map function.

Problem 1

The Either type represents values with two possibilities: a value of type Either a b is either Left a or Right b. By convention, the Left constructor is used to hold an error value and the Right constructor is used to hold a correct value.

Define an instance of Functor for Either e for a fixed e.

Problem 2

We can implement a rose tree - also, a multiway tree - as follows. The Data.Tree module has an implementation; one possible implementation is as follows:

Define an instance of Functor for this datatype.

Problem 3

Is this statement true or false? The composition of two Functors is also a Functor.

If false, give a counterexample; if true, provide an explanation.

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